Yay! So you're coming to record club..

We have been going since about 1998 can you believe!.. We meet on the regular, ’twas once a month now I’d say about 9x a year.

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The Rules:

Bring two songs, but obviously, it’s ok to bring “back up songs” in case you change your mind. But having two in mind is a good place to start. Minds do change based on what others play, it happens! If you are coming to a roof-top record club, bring a set of headphones (heads up, if it rains or is too cold we will have “regular” club, downstairs.) We have two rounds. In the first round, your song is played twice. In the second round (the lightning Round) it is only played once. We play songs without speaking, so we really get to listen, which is heightened at roof club because we are all on headphones, plugged in through headphone jacks.. and we get to tell who we played and why AFTER the play – when we first hit play we make no announcements, no disclaimers, just play…


Anything you can plug our 1/4” headphone jack into is fair game, but songs from your phone, mp3 player or computer are easiest to deal with. Confirm in advance, but we usually have a turntable available and are happy to supply a cassette or CD player. Sorry, no 8-tracks, 78s or wax cylinders 🙂

Order of Play:

Determined by the drawing of playing cards.

We can vouch that everyone is nice and non judgy! ANY kind of music is considered A-OK, except maybe really long Phish songs! (i.e., maybe we’ve been there!! yikes) We will make dinner, guests are invited to bring something like wine or beer to sip upon… At the end of the night, or next day, we send each other our songs via email so we have an insta-compilation of songs. I think that covers most of the essentials. We usually meet at 6:30 in the East Village or on occasion, in The Catskills. Any questions, let us know.